WELCOME to the SHC Competitor's Association SA.

(Previously known as Horses In Action Competitors Association)


We are proud to hold 3 Grand National qualifying shows throughout the year in  South Australia.  The association is purley a not for profit organization run by volunteers.  It continue's it's long history of offering a friendly competative environment for show horse enthusiasts and young riders.  New members are always welcome. We hold our shows and measure days at the Strathalbyn Polo Grounds and have recently installed a new measure bay to allow for joint SHC and Equestrian SA measured days to be held on a regular basis. We have contributed to the new stabling improvements and plan to continue supporting the grounds in to the future.

This beautifully maintained country facility is a credit to those who help to maintain and improve the grounds.


We currently run the SHC CA Champion of Champions SA HOTY show in November each year. This event is for SA residents only and is one of the premier HOTY events held in SA.

Champions and Reserve Champions of this event are eligible to compete at the Grand National Championships held at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre each year.

We also run the Summer Spectacular and Junior Show Case Show each year in January.

(sometimes in Autumn instead - Just depends on the year)

This three day show is two shows rolled in to one and we welcome competitors from any state in Australia. We have contributed to significant improvements to the stables and facilities at Strathalbyn and we can now provide quality stabling in this quiet country location.

Measuring Days.  The new bay at Strathalbyn is concrete and undercover.  We run joint measure days with Equestrian SA to allow both show horse and dressage competitors update measure cards as required.  

We Gratefully acknowledge all supporters and sponsors. Thank you.

Please show your appreciation by supporting those who support us.

Our current committee is dedicated to improving horse events in SA and this is not limited to show horse.  We work with the Strathalbyn Polo grounds to make significant improvements to benefit all equestrian disciplines. We welcome any new idea's to help fund these improvements to bring together the various horse communities to enjoy this local ground.


The Association was established in the early 1960's by a dedicated group of horse owners and competitors from various areas of the sport. Their intention was to liaise with the Royal Show to improve the number and type of classes held at the Adelaide Show each year and to assist local shows with the running of their shows.

Many notable identities such as Dorothy Mansom,Dudley Roesler (Our President Geraldine's father),Harold Horsfall, Phil Spurling, John Patton, June Wilson, Greg Crocker, Lyn Ball, Mary Wilson and Gwen Noblett, to name just a few, have contributed significantly, especially in the early years to the growth and respect which the Association so highly regards.

For many years, the Association annually conducted the "City of Adelaide Titles " in the parklands at the corner of Greenhill and Unley Roads. It could be suggested that this competition was the forerunner to Champion of Champions and Horse of the Year competitions as we know them.

The rules of the Association state that our objectives are "To foster interest in horse riding and to promote tuition and show activities" which we continually strive to achieve and "to establish or promote and subscribe to, or become a member of, any other association or club whose objectives are similar".

In January 2003, the Association became a Constituent Affiliate of the Show Horse Council of Australasia Inc. (this body was formed in NSW around twenty years ago and is the largest Show Horse body of its kind operating in all states of Australia ). This affiliation was the first granted to an organisation in South Australia and ensures that the qualifications gained by our members at shows conducted by the Association or other affiliates are recognised by all Royal Shows within Australia.

For many years, the Association has conducted, Champion of Champions, again the first show in South Australia to be granted the status of a Grand National qualifying event. This show has become a premier event on the Show Horse Calendar, the entries are increasing each year and the quality of horses and riders must be seen to be appreciated. The committee works very hard each year to put this event together and is indebted to the most generous sponsors who support and make this event such a wonderful spectacle.

In January each year we run the Summer Spectacular Show and the Junior Show Case. (Formally the Aust Day Show) 

Champion of Champions Horse of the Year show is our state championship event and is closed to SA members and rider.(Rules Apply)


In 2016 we have changed a part of our name to better reflect that we are a SHC affiliate. We now use SHC Competitor's Association as our main name.  We have kept out Logo Horses in Action Competitors Association as a nod to our heritage. 

The committee encourage written comment from interested persons and members in order that we can provide a service which benefits all horse competitors. We strive to follow up and resolve any issues that may be of concern to riders and owners of show horses promptly and professionally. We have at our disposal the services of many expert people in a range of areas only too willing to assist us.

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