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Maximus & Maddie Pagon 2018
Geraldine Crocker and Bruce Flood
Life membership for our long serving President Geraldine Crocker. Pictured here with Bruce flood. Well deserved for many years of dedication.
Judges 2016
Leonie Kirkhope, Tim Hadlow, Jo Maunder and Mike Smith.
Supreme Hunter Galloway
Barclay Song and Dance Ashley Baker with PHS representative Maddie Pagon
Champion Newcomer Pony ne 12.2hh
Presley Owned by Leiella Pagon and Ridden By Maddie Pagon
Wyoming Park Chicago and Jo Gale
Champion newcomer Big Pony.
Runner Up Newcomer Galloway
Rosegate High Alto
Kate Halliday
Abby Clark
Debanlay All Spice
Rise and Conquer and Felicity Davies
Newcomer Hunter Hack 2016
Beckworth Commanding Attention Harry Beckel
Rock Fire Flick Pass
Isabella Santoro
Champion newcomer hunter Galloway.2016
Splash Dance
3rd Newcomer Hunter Pony and Jaimee Bruggemann
Wyoming Park Chicago
Jo Gale
Supreme Champion Childs Hunter Hack
H20 and Maddie Pagon
Champion Junior rider 2016 with the Judges.
Harry Beckel
Wyann Safari and Candice Robertson
Runner Up newcomer Hunter Pony
Thorwood Cookies and Cream
Champions Childs small pony with Harry Beckel
Rivington Topsy Turvy
Champion First ridden show pony with our wonderful sponsors T & C Distributors
Hayley Rumbold
Competing in the rider 12 and under 15
With the supreme Champion first ridden or lead rein prize.
Willowcroft Regal Rose
Champion Childs show Galloway with Dior Harrison and Judge Tim Hadlow
Geraldine Crocker and Greg Trembath
Awarding the Grand Champion Rider at Grand Nationals 2016.
Dalbrae Marcus
Owner S O'Regan
Rider Isabella Johnson
Boundary Farm Chandalier
Michelle Gregory
Alicia Alderson
Competing in the Rider 12 and Under 15
Dalbrae Marcus
Grand Nationals 2016
Leiella Pagon and Ablue Moons Virtuoso
H2O & Kim Pagon
Grand Nationals 2016
H20 & Maddie Pagon
2016 Grand Nationals Hunter Hack
Glen Arden Special FX
Jaimee Bruggemann
Thorwood Candyman M & L Pagon
Runner Up Newcomer pony 2015
First Ridden Show Hunter ne 1.2hh
Ablue Moon's Virtuoso and Leiella Pagon were the first winners of this new class in 2015.
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