Results via National Data Base


Click the link above to go to the National website.

Click on DATA BASE tab 

Click on the Shows Tab

Select the show you are after from the drop down tab.

Then select the results tab in the box below.

You may need to select the day of the show on your device.

Then select All results for them to be displayed.



2016 Champion of Champions HOTY Show

2016 Australia Day GNQ Results

2015 Junior Showcase Results

2015 Champion of Champions Results

2015 AMENDED Australia Day GNQ  Results

2014 Champion of Champions Results

2014 Australia Day GNQ Results

2013 Champion of Champions GNQ Results


2013 Australia Day Spectacular GNQ Results


2011 Champion of Champions - Results

Coverage of 2011 HIA Champion of Champions is included in the on line

December EQUES Horse & Rider magazine (


18th September 2011 - Spring Show Results


7th August 2011 - Pre-Royal Show Results


2011 Australia Day Spectacular Results


2010 Champion of Champions - Results