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and who we also support. Sponsorship


SHC Competitors Association previously known as Horses In Action Competitors Association.

Proudly sponsor the Grand Champion Rider Class at the Grand Nationals Show.

We proudly work in conjunction with The SA Equestrian Centre at Glenelg North in maintaining the grounds and working towards improving the venue for future competitions.

The recent addition of the covered measuring bay has provided a all weather measuring area for all measure days.

We are also currently working on a major arena surface improvement with the addition of 700 tonnes of sand to the surface.  We then aim to turn our attention to raising funds for the upgrade to the arena fencing and car parking areas.

We activly seek grants and fund raising to upgrade the clubrooms and welcome any suggestions on way's to raise funds to improve the facility.


SHC Competitor's Association is the provider of the Good Hands Competition for girl and boy riders. 


Member's must be residents of South Australia and be a current financial member of the SHC Competitors’ Association or SHC - SA at the time of entry and competition for our Junior Show Case Show (You must be a SA resident by residential address and postcode to be eligible to compete in the SA Good Hands championship. (SA HOTY RULES APPLY)

Our other two competition's, The Australia Day Spectacular and The Junior Show Case are open to all SHC Affiliate members. (With the exception of Good Hands classes)

We Gratefully acknowledge our supporters and sponsors. Thank you.

Please show your appreciation by supporting those who support us.